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Application and Practice of PBL Teaching Method in the Teaching of History Theory Course

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.020


Ruiyao Ren

Corresponding Author

Ruiyao Ren


Among the design majors of colleges and universities, the history theory course has an important position, because the history theory course involves relatively more content, including art history, design history, and design introduction related content. Learning the content of this course is important for students' aesthetic ability and creative ability. All have different degrees of influence. However, under the traditional teaching model, the lectures on history theory are mostly teacher-centered, and students are in a passive position, so classroom learning efficiency is not high. Introduce the PBL teaching method to complete the teaching of history theory, implement it in accordance with the teaching process at different stages, and train students to discover, explore, and solve problems through problem setting. The following briefly introduces the connotation of PBL teaching methods, discusses the problems existing in the teaching of art professional history theory courses, and then discusses the PBL application process for industry personnel's reference.


PBL teaching method, History theory course, Teaching, Practice