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Analysis on the Innovation Path of College Physical Education Teaching in the Era of Self-Media

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.018


Mingfeng Li

Corresponding Author

Mingfeng Li


With the progress and development of modern information science and technology, smart electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones are becoming more popular, and people's lives and work are increasingly affected by the media. In the context of the self-media era, college physical education needs to fully maintain the innovation of teaching content and fully consider the employment prospects of students. In the process of reforming teaching methods, we pay attention to its positive impact on students' future professional development. Through investigation, research and analysis, it can be seen that most colleges and universities have not carried out physical education in accordance with the employment status of students, and the teaching process also lacks clear employment orientation. Therefore, it is difficult for students to effectively improve their professional abilities, and the teaching content is also in urgent need of innovation.


College sports, Innovation, Teaching