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Application of Online and Offline Mixed Teaching Mode in French Teaching Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.014



Corresponding Author



As the second foreign language, French is a very common foreign language course language. It has always been the most popular language course in colleges and universities except English major. However, due to a series of reasons such as the old tradition, rigid and single teaching mode of French language and great learning difficulty, the learning effect of French students is mostly unsatisfactory. In recent years, with the continuous reform of education and teaching methods, online teaching has gradually emerged, alleviating part of the pressure of teaching implementation difficulties. Adopting the online and offline mixed teaching mode can improve students’ interest in learning and efficiency to a certain extent. However, the factors of such integration also need to be paid attention to. It must meet the diversified requirements of students’ learning and promote the sustainable development of students’ learning.


Online and offline, Mixed teaching mode, French teaching reform, Practical application