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Research on College English Teaching Reform under the Background of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.013


Xiaopeng Wu

Corresponding Author

Xiaopeng Wu


With the continuous change of the network age and the promotion of economy, society and science and technology society, new media technology came into being. Under the influence of the new media background, our life has also undergone a variety of changes in all aspects. Among them, the impact of innovation on the education industry is particularly obvious. Only by truly adapting and integrating teaching and learning with new media can we keep up with social needs and cultivate college talents rich in science and technology. This paper mainly analyzes the application advantages of new media technology in education and teaching, discusses the problems in college English major education and teaching under the background of new media, and puts forward corresponding solutions, hoping to give some help and support to college English teachers.


New media environment, College english, Reform in education, Coping strategies