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Exploration on the Integration of Ideological and Political Teaching into Chinese Excellent National Traditional Culture in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2022.009



Corresponding Author



Ideological and political teaching is the moral education for students in colleges and universities. It is the foundation and key of “building morality and cultivating people” in colleges and universities. Among the ideological and political teaching in major universities, the most fundamental teaching mission is to cultivate students’ core values, draw strength from Chinese excellent traditional culture, and enhance students’ cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence. While practicing their mission, teachers can improve their teaching quality and effect, so as to cultivate more high-quality successors for the country. Students can also improve their comprehensive quality and ability in this process. This paper will discuss and study the problems in the integration of ideological and political courses into Chinese excellent national traditional culture, get the corresponding solutions, and put forward reasonable countermeasures.


Ideological and political teaching, Chinese traditional culture, Practical exploration