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Study of the Development of Piano Teaching under Multi-cultural Background

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.143


Yun Kailing

Corresponding Author

Yun Kailing


With the rising trend of cultural globalization, the diversity of social culture is becoming increasingly obvious. Especially, as a foreign musical instrument, piano has naturally obtained its intrinsic multiple characteristics in the process of interweaving and integrating with the native musical culture, which means that in the process of piano teaching, based on the social cultural overall background and the peculiarity of piano music, a multicultural perspective should be taken in order to promote the cultivation of diversified piano talents, thus meeting the actual needs of the society. Based on the multicultural background, the paper puts forward comprehensive development strategies based on a brief analysis of the existing problems in present piano teaching, which has certain reference value.


Diversification, piano teaching, culture.