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Basic Analysis of Commercial Strategies for Start-ups

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.051


Lingzhi Zhu

Corresponding Author

Lingzhi Zhu


In regard to business tactics and strategies, a profusion of pratfalls and triumphant experiences, full disclosure, have been summarized and exemplified to date. Some worth browsing or even perusing, though, are few and far between. Simplicity of Steve jobs is rife with unviable maneuvers and era-ushering tenors and Amoeba operation method, proposed by Inamori Kazuo, necessitates complexity. Other so-alleged hindsight, save the both, all take something out of context plus some even count the victory in the commercial domain idiot-proof. These simple rules of thumbs, consequentially, could not be drawn on by some start-up businesses. Despite the post-mortem being shelved, however, those start-up business founders have been intending to trawl through some tacks more valid and pragmatic than some used to be, in a bid to crystalize their trajectories. The paper, therefore, is pitched at the demographics owning their small ventures or prepared for starting their own businesses and confers some feasible commercial logic on them.


Business tactics and strategies, start-up businesses, feasible commercial logic, valid and pragmatic commercial tacks