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Analysis on the influence of short video marketing on Chinese college students' purchase intention

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.050


Long Han, Fuquan Qin, Mingxue Xie

Corresponding Author

Long Han


With the further development of mobile Internet technology, various forms of short video software have opened up a short video era for the audience and endowed video with new era connotation. Kwai tiktok, APP, and so on, are becoming popular among people's lives, and become the most widely spread and most popular social networking platform for young people. With the help of short videos, college students have created a unique network consumption landscape, and also quietly changed the network marketing mode of enterprises. Short video marketing is an important way for enterprises to commercialize short video. However, what is the specific effect of enterprise short video marketing? What is the relationship between short video marketing and consumers' purchase intention? This study tries to establish a model that affects college students' purchase decision, and puts forward reasonable suggestions for short video marketing.


Short video marketing, Perceived value, Perceived risk, Purchase intention, Structural equation