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The Restoration Impact of Saihanba on Beijing's Sandstorm Resistance

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.048


Wenkang Dong, Bailan Zhao, Xiaolong Chen

Corresponding Author

Wenkang Dong


Recent years have witnessed significant positive impacts on ecological conservation constructions. This paper, based on entropy-weight TOPSIS, Interpolation fitting, and so on methods, makes quantitative assessments of Saihanba's current effects both on itself and on Beijing's sandstorm resistance. The total score of Saihanba local ecological environment will increase by 0.7% when the afforestation area of Saihanba is expanded by 1%. TOPSIS model is established first. After normalizing the indexes of different dimensions, the total score of ecological environments increased 140% by year-on-year. This paper also employs Interpolation fitting to complete the missing values, use Cook distance to eliminate outliers, and pass the Pearson's correlation test to ensure the reliability of the conclusion. For every 1% increase in the total score of Saihanba, the sandstorm situation in Beijing will be optimized by 1.08% (correlation coefficient = 0.95). The optimized Entropy weight TOPSIS model is used to affect the evaluation results comprehensively. Thus, the conclusion of Saihanba's promotion effect on Beijing sandstorm resistance is more convincing.


Saihanba, TOPSIS, Entropy Weight method, Interpolation fitting, Pearson correlation analysis