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COVID-19 develop online service platform of multi-modal interaction in Higher Education for teaching and learning: a university-case analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.046


Xiaochun Qu, Yue Gu, Jun Xiao

Corresponding Author

Xiaochun Qu


With the development of science and technology, people are more and more prefer to share knowledge and interact with each other. The construction of multi – modal information network social platform in higher education is an important way to enhance online interaction between teachers and students. This paper summarizes and analyzes the application status, existing problems and further needs of teachers and students of online service platform in higher education in China and some other countries due to the COVID-19. Combined with the current Internet technology and artificial intelligence technology, this article aims to build a multi-modal interactive operation mode of higher education comprehensive network service platform. Taking the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences as the research object, 263 students and nearly 100 teachers were randomly investigated on the demand of online teaching service platform, including students, teachers, teaching administrators, supervision experts and other personnel. Based on the theory of "teaching interaction hierarchy tower", the multi-modal interactive operation mode of online teaching and learning service platform for higher education is constructed. The operation mode of teaching and learning service platform will be changed from single information release and resource sharing to multi-modal information and resource sharing to assist teaching and learning. Combined with big data analysis technology, the management ability of teacher and the study service of higher education courses will be improved, especially, teaching evaluation system for teacher will be optimized and upgraded, and the student-centered educational mode will be improved.


teaching and learning in higher education, online platform, multi-modal interaction, resource sharing and co-construction, personalized learning for students