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Research on the penetration and application of folk art symbols in product design

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.044


Bingxing Li, Zhonglei Geng, Mengqiu Li

Corresponding Author

Zhonglei Geng


Folk art symbols can embody the cultural spirit of traditional Chinese culture, and today, with the great abundance of material life, they are widely welcomed and concerned by people. In addition, with the continuous rise of folk art culture and people's pursuit of traditional culture, more and more products have begun to incorporate folk art culture, which is also mainly reflected in the design aspects of folk art symbols. At the same time, people's pursuit of personalized product design has also promoted the application and development of folk art symbols in product design. For enterprises, incorporating folk art symbols can make products and services more competitive in the market, gain higher market share, and then get higher economic benefits. This paper provides an in-depth analysis of the concept of folk art symbols, and examines and considers the ways in which folk art symbols can be penetrated and applied in product design. Based on this, this paper also discusses the principles of folk art symbols in the process of product design, so that it can be a reference for other researchers.


Folk art, product design, art symbols