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Analysis on the Value Orientation and Strategy Choice of Enterprise Financial Management

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.042


Lichong Ju

Corresponding Author

Lichong Ju


With the reform of marketing manager, the survival and development of enterprises is a concern of the society. By strengthening the financial management of enterprises, we can realize the synchronous development of enterprises and the times. Under the market economy environment, financial management occupies a very important position in economic development, which can maintain market stability and promote overall economic growth. To strengthen the level of financial management, it is necessary to improve the internal control system, find a management model that is in line with the development of enterprises themselves, and understand the influence of social environment and external market competition factors on the internal resource allocation of enterprises. If an enterprise wants to give full play to its resource advantages reasonably and extend its financial channels, it needs to correctly orient its development and skillfully select financial management measures, involving both economic and social goals. By clarifying the value orientation of financial management and studying related strategies, this paper provides convenience for enterprises to carry out financial management, and then improves the financial management level of enterprises.


Financial management, Value orientation, Internal control