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Application of Body Movement Function Training Methods in Adolescents' Sports Courses

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.041


Zhou Rongfeng

Corresponding Author

Zhou Rongfeng


The “quality-oriented education” that has always been emphasized in the field of education in China not only refers to the quality of students in terms of cultural knowledge, but also includes their physical fitness. Body and mind are closely integrated. If a student savagely takes the time for physical exercise to pursue the results of paper tests, his physical condition will get worse and worse, and the bad physical condition may also greatly negatively affect his academic education at last. Most of the students who faint in the examination room because of tension are those who do not pay enough attention to physical exercise. Body movement function is an important component of physical fitness, referring to the human body's ability in speed, endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and other aspects. The foundation that supports human body to possess these abilities is the health of the internal organs and the strong muscles and bones. The adolescent stage is a critical period for physical development, and it is also an important stage for exercising motor functions and improving physical fitness. Applying body movement function training methods to students' sports courses is a necessary means to improve the overall physical fitness of adolescents.


Body movement function training, Students, Sports courses, Application