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Planning and Design Strategy of Urban Landscape

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.031


Ruodong Wu

Corresponding Author

Ruodong Wu


With the increasing popularity of urban construction concepts such as Sponge City, the application of relevant theories in landscape design is constantly innovating, and the number of landscape in cities is also increasing. The planning and design of urban landscape engineering is a comprehensive discipline. It requires rational allocation of urban landscape architecture and garden plants, and requires consideration of their social and ecological benefits. Landscape refers to a series of landscapes formed by specific urban plants, etc. The planning and design of landscape needs to comprehensively consider social environment, natural environment and human environment. From the perspective of ecology, a healthy and comfortable natural environment can provide a good place for people to live and work in a pleasant state, which can maximize people's potential and inner creativity. Based on the principles of landscape design and application in urban planning, this paper focuses on the analysis of the problems existing in the design and its application.


Landscape, Ecological benefits, natural environment