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Research on Exhibition Service Quality Management Based on Tourist Satisfaction

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.029


Liyan Dai

Corresponding Author

Liyan Dai


With the rapid development of service industry in the world, especially the rapid rise of service industry in western countries, service quality has been paid more and more attention by service enterprises and experts and scholars. How to effectively improve the level of service quality has become an important topic of service industry. This paper studies the service quality of professional visitors, enriches the theoretical research of exhibition audience service quality, and provides improvement strategies for exhibitors to improve audience service quality. Secondly, this paper makes an in-depth study on the development status of China's convention and exhibition industry and the problems existing in the quality management of convention and exhibition services, and concludes that the main problems affecting the quality of China's convention and exhibition services lie in the lack of attention to visitors, the lack of evaluation and control of service quality, etc., which provides a necessary basis for putting forward strategies to improve the quality of China's convention and exhibition services. Through the analysis of this paper, it is expected to provide a reference method and reliable basis for improving the service quality of exhibition industry, which has certain practical value.


Satisfaction, Service quality, management research