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Research on the Influence of Innovation and Entrepreneurship on University Students' Entrepreneurial Intention and Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.027


Xinmin Su, Guoyan Wu, Fanglin Zhu

Corresponding Author

Xinmin Su


At present, "Shuangchuang" has risen to the strategic height of national economic development. Innovation has become a new driving force for economic development, and entrepreneurship has also become an important means to alleviate the employment contradiction of university students. Only when university students have a certain level of entrepreneurial will they start their own businesses. Therefore, cultivating and improving university students' entrepreneurial will is very important to promote the development of innovative economy. Research on how enterprise education affects university students' entrepreneurial intention is conducive to improving the current situation of entrepreneurship and improving the level of entrepreneurship in China. This article makes a relatively practical and specific exposition on the meaning, objectives and other basic knowledge of university Students' entrepreneurship education, the necessity of entrepreneurship education for university students, and the entrepreneurship mechanism of entrepreneurship education for university students. Through the elaboration of these problems, we can see the importance of entrepreneurship education in the formation of university Students' Entrepreneurship intention, It is conducive to cultivating innovative talents in China, reducing the irrational factors of university students in the process of entrepreneurship, and plays a very important role in the long-term development of university students themselves, the country and society.


Innovation and entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial intention, Countermeasure research