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Research on Safeguarding National Economic Security in Foreign Trade

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.026


Zhongming Xu

Corresponding Author

Zhongming Xu


As the most obvious feature of today's world economic pattern, economic globalization has fundamentally promoted free trade among countries. The increasingly frequent economic and trade activities among countries have contributed to the basic formation of global unified rules. In order to ensure the safety of normal economic activities of the international community and further promote the expansion and deepening of international exchanges, international trade law has correspondingly entered a new period of development in order to achieve its full guarantee for national trade security. Spheroidization can fundamentally promote the trade between countries. The trade between countries is frequent, and a fixed trade pattern has gradually formed. At the same time, in today's increasingly close international trade, there are more and more risks. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal trade between countries and further deepen the impact of globalization. This paper mainly studies and analyzes the problems of maintaining national economic security in foreign trade, in order to elaborate the current situation of economic security risk management, so as to put forward corresponding security strategies to effectively avoid the security risks of foreign trade, so as to escort the security and stability of economy.


Foreign trade, National economic security, Economic globalization