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Promoting the High-quality Development of Taekwondo in Universities with "Club" Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.025


Xu Wang, Daozhi Fan, Wenge Li

Corresponding Author

Xu Wang


Yiquan Dao has become a favorite sport for students in universities, and Yiquan Dao club activities are an important way for universities to organize Yiquan Dao activities. The teaching mode of Yiquan Road Club can help students to participate in training and study in their spare time, cultivate strong will and sportsmanship, and stimulate students' training enthusiasm. Many universities in China have offered Taekwondo courses, which are widely responded and loved by college students. However, with the continuous advancement of physical education reform in Chinese universities and the increasing demand of college students for Taekwondo learning, the teaching quality of Taekwondo under the traditional teaching mode is slowly improving. Based on the analysis of some problems in Taekwondo club teaching, combined with the physical and mental characteristics of contemporary college students and Taekwondo teaching experience, this paper puts forward relevant countermeasures for the benign development of Taekwondo club teaching, aiming at perfecting and enriching the teaching content of Taekwondo club.


"Club" thinking, Taekwondo in universities, High quality development