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A Research Plan for the Construction of a Technical Innovation Service Platform in Vocational Colleges under the Background of “Double-high Program”

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.024


Huagang Liu, Shang Wang, Ruican Hao, Hui Yu

Corresponding Author

Huagang Liu


The new mission of higher vocational education in the new era under the background of the “Double-high Program” is to construct a platform for innovation, establish high-level and structured scientific research teams, and form the research fields suitable for regional development, so as to play the leading role of higher vocational education in talent cultivation. Thus, cultivating high-quality talents and improving national competitiveness have been achieved for promoting economic and social development. The importance, urgency and value of the subject were fully reflected according to the vocational education status under the background of “Double-high Program”. The research statuses in foreign countries and in China were introduced in this paper. The main objective, core concept and the main concept of the Innovation Platform were introduced and analyzed. The research thoughts and methods including literature research, in-depth interview, data analysis, and case analysis were planed and proposed by the planned technical route. The innovations in the Research Plan were proposed such as implementing government-school-enterprise collaboration, exploring the functions of the Platform and building a Five-in-one Innovation Platform to develope modular courses, and integrating them into compound and innovative talent training. The research points were effective and innovative.


Technical Innovation Service Platform, core research team, three integrations, industry