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Positive influence of college students' personal image promotion on community style and features

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.020


Ning Huang, Juan Tan

Corresponding Author

Ning Huang


College students are the last protective group before they enter the society. College students should not only learn more advanced knowledge, but also gradually learn the skills and precautions needed to enter the society. Personal image is very important for college students' interpersonal communication. Strengthening the construction of college students' community culture and advocating a healthy and active campus culture are not only the needs of the construction of university spiritual civilization, but also the requirements of improving the comprehensive quality of college students. This paper expounds the significance of shaping a good image of college students, and then analyzes the characteristics of college students' personal image, and probes into how to shape a good personal image of college students. The higher the development level of college students' personal image, the effective means to promote college students' growth and development is to hold high-quality activities in community style.


College students, Personal image, Community, Influence