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Study on the inheritance of hat decoration culture and handcraft of She nationality in Jiangxi Province

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.019


Chaojiang Hu

Corresponding Author

Chaojiang Hu


She nationality is the minority nationality with the largest number in Jiangxi. In the process of long development history and frequent migration, She nationality has formed unique national costumes. Combined with literature, this paper summarizes the characteristics of she traditional clothing in Jiangxi Province from the aspects of clothing material, color, style and clothing accessories. Based on the methods of field investigation and interview in anthropological research, this paper investigates the remains and wearing status of She nationality costumes in six She nationality townships in Jiangxi Province. Then it analyzes the current situation and dilemma of the preservation of the traditional dress of She nationality in Jiangxi Province, excavates its cultural connotation, and puts forward four ways to inherit and protect the traditional dress culture of She nationality in Jiangxi Province.


Jiangxi Province, She nationality, hat decoration culture, minority inheritance and protection, handicrafts