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Study on Picture Book Teaching Strategies in Special Education Schools in the Background of the New Curriculum

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.018


Qi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Qi Zhang


Picture book is considered as a very valuable teaching material system that can be introduced and applied in the process of developing early education activities for preschool children.In the picture books, there are not only more vivid and rich language, but also colorful pictures, which are very attractive to preschoolers in special education schools, and are more interesting than other reading materials.Such kind of teaching content which combined with pictures and text has a good teaching effect in the field of special education due to its small number, strong intuition and strong interest.The rich pictures and colors in picture books can intuitively stimulate students' senses, the infinite imagination contained in picture books can provide students with the widest space for thinking, and the shallow to deep principles in picture books can have subtle effects on students.This paper takes picture book reading teaching activities as its core educational content. Through the optimization design of teaching, this special group can be improved and improved in intellectual development and aesthetic cognition.This paper analyzes the teaching strategy of picture book reading in the new curriculum.


Picture book reading, teaching strategy, special education