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Research on Red Culture Inheritance in Chinese Language and Literature Education

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.012


Fengying Huang

Corresponding Author

Fengying Huang


Culture is a kind of special culture with Marxism as the core, which is condensed by the Communist Party of China leading the Chinese people in the process of revolution, construction and reform. Chinese language and literature is a kind of cultural accumulation, and it is also the cultural food for moral nerve education of Chinese people. Chinese language and literature education can teach students historical knowledge through the core literacy of disciplines to meet the requirements of cultivating people by virtue. Red culture knowledge is a part of Chinese language and literature education. In Chinese language and literature classroom knowledge teaching, students should be educated in red culture from the perspective of red culture inheritance, so as to teach students to learn historical knowledge and cultivate students to establish correct ideals and beliefs and identify with the motherland. Therefore, Chinese language and literature is the main carrier of red culture, and red culture is the outstanding core value of our nation. We should strengthen the related construction of Chinese language and literature, so that the red culture can be better inherited and carried forward.


Chinese language and literature, Red culture, Cultural heritage