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Research on the Teaching Reform of Bridge Foundation Engineering in Applied Universities under the Background of "Double Creation"

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.011


Na Zhu, Duo Wu, Hongyan Sun, Shufen Zhou

Corresponding Author

Na Zhu


Bridge Foundation Engineering is a practical and applied course, and it is an important professional required course for students majoring in road, bridge and river-crossing engineering. Under the background of "double innovation", universities are faced with the great challenge of "double innovation" personnel training, constantly adjusting and abandoning the unfavorable factors in traditional university education and teaching, and constantly making efforts to cultivate more sophisticated innovative and entrepreneurial talents for the society. It is of far-reaching practical significance for application-oriented universities to train "double-creative" talents with innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability and meet the needs of modern society by reforming teaching methods. In this paper, based on the transformation background, according to the orientation of personnel training objectives, combined with the idea of transforming undergraduate universities into application-oriented, the teaching reform of Bridge Foundation Engineering was explored, aiming at cultivating applied technical and technical talents that meet the social needs.


"Double creation", Applied university, Bridge Foundation Engineering, Reform in education