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Cultivation of Internationalized Innovative Talents in Environmental Design Specialty under the Background of Double Entrepreneurship

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.010


Han Jia

Corresponding Author

Han Jia


The advent of the era of knowledge economy has brought new challenges to the field of education, and knowledge production methods have shown a new trend with innovation and creativity as the theme. Facing the new normal of economic development, speeding up the implementation of the goal of training international innovative talents for environmental design majors is not only an urgent need to realize the innovation-driven development strategy, but also an important measure to promote the deepening of educational reform and innovative development of universities. As an applied discipline, the environmental design major has seen a surge in the number of related majors and design practitioners in design universities in my country in recent years. Design education also emphasizes professionalism, systemicity, and innovative practicality. To implement international training and create innovative talents, we need to uphold an international vision, establish a new concept of talent training, optimize professional curriculum settings, and integrate with the international certification system. This paper specifically explores and analyzes the cultivation of international innovative talents in the context of innovation-driven environmental design education in universities from the above aspects.


Double creation, Environmental design major, Training innovative talents