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Value Orientation Guided by Legal Concepts in Social Governance in Internet plus Era

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.009


Qinghui Zeng

Corresponding Author

Qinghui Zeng


With the rapid development and popularization of Internet society, Chinese society is constantly improving and perfecting, and a series of new elements are also appearing in daily life in the new era. Social governance is an integral part of the national governance system, and the new social governance mechanism has the background of the era of differentiation and cooperation between the state and society, profound transformation of government functions and roles, and renewal and development of governance concepts. Facing the ever-changing social governance situation, relevant departments should constantly innovate and reform in governance methods and management concepts. In the information age characterized by the Internet, the convenience, extensiveness and openness of information dissemination have a profound influence on people's communication ways and means. The particularity of this Internet age determines that social governance must adhere to the comprehensive rule of law. This paper analyzes the basic elements of social collaborative governance in the Internet age, social governance and rule of law construction in the Internet age, and uses big data to drive social governance innovation.


Internet, Big data, Social governance, Rule of law construction