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Study on the Practice Teaching System of Business Enterprise Management in Colleges and Universities Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability Training

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.138


Yanan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yanan Wang


With the teaching system reform, train the students’ practical ability, innovation ability and entrepreneurship ability has become the core content of practical teaching reform in colleges and universities. Therefore, this paper studies the management specialty of university business enterprise, discusses the construction of the practice teaching system of business enterprise management in colleges and universities based on the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, and expounds the connotation of innovation and entrepreneurship ability and practice teaching system. Moreover, this paper analyzes the characteristics of business administration in colleges and universities, puts forward the scheme of implementing the practice teaching system, and provides reference for the reform of the teaching system in colleges and universities.


Teaching reform, innovation and entrepreneurship training, business administration, practical teaching system.