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Crossover and Integration: Exploration and Analysis of the Practical Demands of Constructing a Museum-School Cooperative Education Model

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.008


Wei Yanchun

Corresponding Author

Wei Yanchun


Due to the prominent malleability of the learning environment, venue institutions formally realize the educational functions and achieve deep integration with school education, and the museum-school cooperative education model has become a hot topic as a new way of education supply. Its hidden and profound value implication puts forward new practical demands for education in the new era. Seeking truth, beauty and goodness is a demand of value. The continuous update of classroom teaching mode is the only way for education development, and it also gives birth to the demand for the connection of resource development reverse incentive courses and the practical demand for the establishment of a museum-school cooperative teaching mechanism. Only when the relevant demands are reasonably resolved, can the crossover and integration of museum-school cooperative education be truly realized.


Venue education, museum-school cooperation, museum-school cooperative education, crossover, integration