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A comparative study of Hungarian and Chinese traditional folk music education under the background of globalization

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.006


Qiong Chen

Corresponding Author

Qiong Chen


Under the background of globalization, China's national music education is relatively weak. How to establish a scientific and systematic music education system is an urgent problem in school music education at present. Kodaly Zoltan is a famous composer, music educator and national music theorist in Hungary. He attaches great importance to the development of national music in Hungary. By introducing and analyzing the music education concept of Kodaly Zoltan, a Hungarian music educator in the 20th century, this paper evaluates its important influence on Hungarian music education. Compared with traditional Chinese national music education, the teaching concept of national music course is not only aesthetic, but also pluralistic and functional, which is determined by the teaching content of the course, the actual situation of the development of world music culture and the needs and responsibilities of training music teachers. Finally, it reveals its reference significance to the development of music education in China.


Globalization, Hungary, Traditional folk music