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Practical Problems and Reform Strategies of University Education Mode in the Perspective of Informatization

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.004


Xumeng Feng

Corresponding Author

Xumeng Feng


In the information age, technology is applied to every corner of our lives by utilizing the characteristics of information generation, and the development of IT has spread to every aspect of our lives. The information age is a great age, and now IT has become the core technology and universal technology of all kinds of contemporary education. With the continuous reform of university educational administration, all universities have made good achievements in the construction of EAS (educational administration system). However, due to the characteristics of EAS itself, there are some problems to be solved in the application process. In the information age, realizing the informationization of university teaching management is not only an inevitable measure to adapt to the development of the times, but also an important way to improve the efficiency and quality of university teaching management in the information age. This paper analyzes and discusses the reform of university teaching mode under the condition of informationization, and puts forward the content of university teaching informationization construction, curriculum teaching mode and learning strategy.


Informatization, Educational administration, Reform