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A Probe into the Research-based Learning Model in Modern Chinese Teaching for Primary Education Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2021.002


Zhenhua Zhang, Benming Hu

Corresponding Author

Zhenhua Zhang


In order to cultivate high-quality talents with innovative ability and realize the perfect transformation of education and teaching, we must take students as the foundation, combine students' quality, knowledge and ability, reform and innovate the education and teaching mode, and improve classroom teaching methods and teaching contents. The reform of modern Chinese for primary education majors in normal universities should be closely related to the reality of Chinese teaching in primary schools, and the teaching contents should be adjusted reasonably according to the training objectives. The content of modern Chinese teaching is boring, which is divorced from pragmatic practice for a long time, and it is difficult to improve students' interest in learning. This paper discusses the teaching reform from the aspects of the renewal of teaching content, the renewal of teaching methods and the exploration of research-based learning mode, so as to be practical and interesting, so as to improve students' language quality and be competent for primary school Chinese teaching. The teaching reform of modern Chinese course is necessary, and research-based learning provides us with an effective way. The research-based learning of modern Chinese should emphasize the active inquiry learning, so as to change the students' passive learning style and stimulate the enthusiasm of active exploration.


Primary School Education, Modern Chinese teaching, Inquiry learning