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Research on the Relationship between House Price and High-education Migrant Population Based on PVAR Model

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.061


Gang Xia, Hualing Li, Dibei Cong

Corresponding Author

Gang Xia


The relationship between housing prices and highly educated floating population has caused widespread discussion, so this paper uses 2010-2016 China’s dynamic population survey data and urban residential prices to match the data of 231 cities across the country, and incorporates income and industrial structure to establish a PVAR model for empirical analysis. The empirical results show that: (1) Housing prices have no significant crowding-out effect on the accumulation of highly educated floating population. (2) High-educated people flow into cities, and income is the most important influencing factor; (3) the accumulation of highly-educated populations has clearly caused house prices to rise.


Housing prices, High education, Floating population, PVAR model