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A Comparative Study on the Current Situation, Social Impact and Countermeasures of Aging Between China and Japan

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.057


Huanhuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Huanhuan Wang


Although China and Japan have different social systems, they have many similarities in the characteristics of population aging, changes in population structure, welfare culture of the elderly and so on. Japan's laws and regulations on dealing with the aging society and the fine system design have important reference significance for China. This paper analyzes the current situation and social impact of aging in China and Japan, compares the Countermeasures of the two countries in dealing with aging, and believes that it is necessary for China and Japan to work together to deal with the problems and challenges brought by aging.


Aging, present situation, Social impact, Countermeasures, contrastive study, China and Japan