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Reclusive Thought on Figure Painting of Arhat in Red in Yuan Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.056


Hongyun Wu, Jianchun Shao

Corresponding Author

Jianchun Shao


The Yuan Dynasty was a period of special significance in the history of China. The rulers of Mongolia and Yuan Dynasty came to Central Plain and became new masters of China. Because they were good at riding and shooting, believing in conquest by force and were keen on Tibetan Buddhism, Confucianism was no longer revered alone, The system of imperial examination for selecting officials had been stopped or abolished for a long time. The official career of the Han scholar-bureaucrats was very slim. the nomadic culture of Mongolia and the farming culture of Central Plain mixed together, they conflicted and blended. The Literati paintings represented by Zhao Mengfu emphasized that calligraphy and painting had the same source and drawing in a calligraphic way. Arhat in red was a representative work of Zhao Mengfu. Painting as the Voice of the heart, in the turbulent era of alien national rule, one of the life ideals of literati was to retire to the countryside, hiding from politics with a way of poetic life.


Nomadic culture, Farming culture, Conflict, Imperial examination, Seclusion