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Study on Comprehensive Disposal of Sludge Dump in the Lihewa Comprehensive Improvement Project

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.053


Huawei Li, Xilong He, Xingguang Feng

Corresponding Author

Huawei Li


In the comprehensive improvement project, there are many methods and technologies for disposal of dump, such as rapid mud-water separation and rapid consolidation technology. All of them should be implemented according to the specific environment in application. According to the characteristics of river dredging in Lihewa, the combined technical scheme of rapid mud-water separation technology and rapid consolidation technology can greatly shorten the land acquisition time and reduce the project cost. In this case, the dump can be returned to the people for cultivation on schedule. Which plays an important role in maintaining social stability and benefiting the people.


Lihewa, sludge dump, disposal, rapid mud-water separation, rapid consolidation