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Research on Brand Performance Evaluation Index System of Local Original Clothing Brand Under E-commerce Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.049


Liyi Liu, Lu Zhang, Jiahong Yu

Corresponding Author

Liyi Liu


Digital economy and Internet celebrity economy flood into the clothing market, further leading to the Matthew effect of clothing brands. However, developing local original clothing brands can use the network to achieve brand effect and increase market competitiveness. Therefore, this paper conducts semantic network analysis based on spidering network comment data to complete the construction of brand performance indicator system, providing a method for brands to grasp and measure brand operation effect. The research results of this paper are as follows: 1. Analyze the latest influencing factors of the performance of local original clothing brands in the e-commerce environment through case analysis and literature analysis; 2.Based on the perspective of online public opinion, Bazhuayu software is used to climb the brand network operation semantics of M brand to form the sight words matrix, and analyze the brand effect of local original clothing; 3. Construct FAHP index weights based on social network analysis, and give the application mode of brand performance evaluation index system model established in this paper based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method.


Brand performance, Semantic Network Analysis, Original clothing brand, Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process