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Research on the Innovative Path of Ideological and Political Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.047


Shaobo Zhai

Corresponding Author

Shaobo Zhai


The talent training goal of higher vocational colleges in the new era is high-quality skilled talents. The colleges not only should provide technical talents for the society, but also need to focus on the cultivation of students’ ideological and political aspects. Ideological and political courses are a significant way to improve students’ quality. Therefore, higher vocational colleges need to meet the needs of social development of the new era and pay attention to ideological and political teaching. However, in real life, there are still many problems in ideological and political teaching, which need to be innovated and improved in higher vocational colleges. This paper expounds the significance of ideological and political teaching innovation in higher vocational colleges, analyzes the problems existing in the teaching process, and finally discusses the innovation path of ideological and political teaching, hoping to provide reference for relevant research.


Higher vocational colleges, Ideological and political teaching, Innovation path