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An Experimental Study of English Vocabulary Learning Strategies Training for College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.044


Xiaoru Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xiaoru Zhao


Vocabulary learning is the important and difficult field in English teaching. In recent years, the researches about VLS use and VLS training have been growing rapidly in China. However, the researches about the VLS training are still in the early stage. This thesis aims at finding the effective vocabulary learning strategies training method for college students by analyzing the changes in VLS use and vocabulary proficiency after the VLS training. This research provides a perspective on the vocabulary learning strategies training. The research findings suggest that more effective training methods for vocabulary learning strategies should be deeply studied; motivation and other factors related with vocabulary learning strategies should be studied together; more training time and more VLS training programs should be allotted, especially in the first-year college English classes.


Vocabulary learning strategies, Training keywords: covered, College students