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On the “Zombie Culture” in Hong Kong Zombie Films in the 1980s

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.043


Yunxi Liu

Corresponding Author

Yunxi Liu


In the 1930s, zombie films appeared in Hong Kong, but the zombie image was not dressed in Qing Dynasty clothes, pasted with yellow paper, with straight feet and jumping. In the 1980s, zombie films in Hong Kong, China did not blindly imitate the production mode of Western vampire films. Innovatively opened up a new situation of combining with Chinese traditional culture. Therefore, zombie films are also divided into two periods: before the 1980s (1936-1980) and after the 1980s (1985-1986).In the early stage, it mostly imitated Hollywood vampire films to explore its own ideological expression. In the later stage, it focuses on seeking the recognition of its own “cultural identity”, so as to create the type of zombie film and reach its peak. From the perspective of Hong Kong zombie types in the 1980s, this paper studies the “zombie culture” in zombie films by using ideological theory. On this basis, it analyzes the zombie cultural foundation after the cultural identity of zombie films under the ideology of Hong Kong in the late 1980s.Finally, it analyzes the core basis for the development of zombie films in Hong Kong, China under the core values of Chinese socialism.


Zombie culture, Cultural identity, Ideology, Zombie films in the 1980s in hong kong, China