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To What Extent Has Government Intervention Impacted The Manufacturing And Costs Of Private Space Launch Service Firms In The Oligopoly Market

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.040


Skye Li

Corresponding Author

Skye Li


In order to provide many special services to satellite operators and quickly occupy the market, foreign launch vehicle manufacturers have combined their own technical advantages to build low-cost commercial small rockets with obvious technical characteristics. Political connection originates from the government's intervention in macro and micro economy, and it also has two opposite economic effects: support and plunder. This kind of relationship affects all aspects of enterprise operation from various channels, such as loan tax incentives, corporate governance, hollowing out and plundering, and finally affects the value of the company. Therefore, this paper studies the extent to which government intervention affects the manufacturing and cost of private space launch service companies in oligopoly market, with a view to providing important reference and guiding significance for deepening integration of defense and civilian technologies and developing commercial space in China.


Government intervention, Oligopoly, Private space launch service company, Cost