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The Principles and Contents of Physical Fitness Training for Sports Dance

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.039



Corresponding Author



This article uses literature method, logical analysis method, mathematical statistics method combined with the sports characteristics of sports dance; grasps the actual situation of the development of sports dance in my country; analyzes and discusses the content, methods and means of sports dance special physical training. Relevant professional knowledge and data show that domestic sports dancers lack physical fitness, which is also one of the factors that limit the status of Chinese high-level athletes in the forefront of the world. Starting from the current status of the special physical fitness of ethnic sports dancers; this article conducts a preliminary analysis and research on the related concepts of dance, training content, training methods, exercise methods, and special physical conditions. It is believed that the special physical training system for physical exercise consists of two The composition of the following elements: One is the particularity of physical exercise. The factors that affect specific physical fitness include specific strength, specific speed, specific flexibility and specific coordination.


Sport dancing, Physical training, Training content