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Research on the Efficiency of Industrial Policy Incentive Resource Allocation Based on DID Model

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.037


Tingting Chang

Corresponding Author

Tingting Chang


The implementation of industrial policies has an important impact on the allocation of resources among industries, but it has been difficult to draw a conclusion about the role of industrial policies. This paper makes an empirical investigation by using DID (difference-in-differences) model. It is found that the influence of industrial policies on the efficiency of resource allocation shows different trends with time, and has obvious preference. Encouraging industrial policies can significantly and continuously improve the efficiency of resource allocation. The implementation of industrial policies has a significant role in promoting industrial land transfer, and the area of industrial land transfer in industries stimulated by industrial policies is significantly higher than that in industries not affected by industrial policies. Therefore, in the follow-up work, on the one hand, we should be cautious about industrial policies; On the other hand, when formulating and implementing industrial policies, we should have sufficient information and take into account the actual situation of development in various regions.


DID, Industrial policy, Resource allocation efficiency