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Research on the Relationship between “Intangible Cultural Heritage” Digital Technology and the Development of Cultural Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.035



Corresponding Author



With the progress and development of my country's economy and society, and the development and progress of science and technology, the inheritance and protection of intangible cultural heritage has gradually become neglected. As a valuable historical, cultural and artistic resource of society and the country, intangible cultural heritage needs to be deeply Arouse the society and the state to attach great importance to its importance and increase protection. 近In recent years, the protection and development of intangible cultural heritage has set off an upsurge in China. Under the impetus of laws and policies issued by the state, it has become a major trend to protect and develop intangible cultural heritage and build its industrialization road. In the communication process of modern life, intangible culture gradually transforms from a single mode to a diversified mode. The change of this information transformation mode reflects the use of modern new technology all the time. The use of this technology can not only help the information of intangible cultural heritage spread more widely, but also indirectly improve the soft power of Chinese culture and promote the construction of a public digital platform.


“Intangible cultural heritage”, Digital technology, Cultural industry, New media technology