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News Dissemination and Strategy of Public Crisis Events in the Internet Age

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.034


Xinhui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xinhui Zhang


At present, with the advancement of news communication technology, the ways for the audience to get news are diversified, which increases their attention to public crisis events. Different from ordinary news information, public crisis events are more likely to drive people's emotions and create public opinion, resulting in the escalation of the situation. Guan personnel must give full play to the role of public opinion guidance and guidance of news dissemination, use effective methods and ways to understand public crisis events in time, and carry out news dissemination work according to industry standards and requirements. When news media reports an event, it conveys to the audience the occurrence process, causes and follow-up treatment of the event. If news communication fails to control the direction of public opinion, it will have a bad influence on the public. The rapid development of science and technology and economy has comprehensively promoted the overall development process of the news communication industry. With people's increasing attention to public crisis events, higher standards and requirements have been put forward for the actual news communication work. This paper first analyzes the main characteristics of public crisis events and the characteristics of news communication, and finally expounds the relevant strategies of news communication in public crisis events.


Network age, Public crisis, News communication