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The Fusion of Qidan Culture and Animation Art in the Liao Dynasty under the Background of Globalization

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.033



Corresponding Author



China has a long history of traditional culture, and 5,000 years of cultural accumulation has provided valuable creative resources for animation art. With the vigorous development of Chinese culture and art, animation art creation has achieved good development, and new animation art works are constantly emerging. The fierce collision between grassland culture and Central Plains culture, the great integration of North and Central Asian nationalities and nomadic way of life and other factors have formed the open and inclusive cultural concept and national cultural psychology of Qidan. Qidan's recognition of Central Plains culture and adherence to national culture make Qidan's art show the characteristics of not only accepting and learning from Han art, but also attaching importance to art localization. The integration of Qidan culture and animation art can glow the animation art of the nation. Promote animation art to a new level. This paper analyzes the concepts of Qidan culture and animation art, and probes into the integration and innovation path of Qidan culture and animation art.


Globalization, Khitan culture in the liao dynasty, Animation art, Integration