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Research on Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities Based on Mobile Network Learning and Its Guidance

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.133


Wang Xiaomei

Corresponding Author

Wang Xiaomei


Today's society is transforming into a mobile network society, which is the trend of social development. When this social trend gradually becomes a habit in people's lives, since entering the 21st century, mobile network learning is such a typical social trend. In this century, science and technology are constantly advancing and developing. With the continuous improvement of information technology and network technology, more and more people are integrated into education. The network has gradually become a powerful resource for students to learn independently, as well as an important means and method for both teaching and learning. Network has become an indispensable means of learning for students. Knowledge is far more important than power as a strategic resource. Today's Internet is built on the basis of knowledge, centered on a variety of core knowledge, and the most important knowledge of science, technology and finance today. Compared with the social core of a hundred years ago, the social structure has undergone tremendous changes, which has brought about the transformation of educational resources and learning methods. Mobility, however, has become an increasingly prominent feature of the world. Hand held mobile devices, such as digital mobile phones, PDAs, iPads, tablets, and so on, are available for us to access, process and send messages everywhere, and perform communication everywhere, share information everywhere, and taking advantage of this opportunity, mobile intelligent terminal devices and wireless network are relied on to carry out educational activities, transfer the value of knowledge, and realize human learning in infinite space, As the carrier of presenting learning resources, human-computer interaction and social cognition construction, mobile learning plays a fundamental and supporting role in today's learning. The role of mobile learning, the location and function of learning directly affect the paradigm and effect.


Mobile network learning, campus network, network course.