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Research on the External Communication Strategy of Mainstream Media in the New Media Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.031


Yanan Tan

Corresponding Author

Yanan Tan


With the advancement of science and technology, various new media continue to appear and gradually gain popularity and application, which has brought a huge impact to traditional media. Social media has created a brand new international communication platform. The use and control of social media are directly related to the international communication ability and the shaping of the country's image. Media integration is an important means to expand and strengthen mainstream public opinion, and it is also a key link to strengthen the construction of external communication capabilities and optimize the strategic layout of external communication. At present, China's media industry is experiencing the third integration development, which is also highly consistent with the third wave of global communication pattern. How to focus on the deep integration of media, speed up the construction of an integrated and integrated all media communication pattern, and contribute Chinese wisdom in coordinating the order of world media and balancing the global communication pattern. This paper mainly analyzes the communication strategies of TV media to mainstream values in the new media era, hoping to provide some help for promoting the sustainable development of TV media.


New media, Mainstream media, External communication