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The Particle “Zhe” in Mandarin and the Role of Information-Network Technology in Teaching “Zhe”

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.019


Jinghan Zeng, Ting ZHANG

Corresponding Author

Jinghan Zeng


This paper takes the particle zhe (着) in Mandarin as its object of study, explaining its linguistic definition, the structures that use it, and its grammatical meanings. It also explores the role of information-network technology in teaching zhe during the COVID-19 pandemic. After defining the identity of zhe, we consider zhe as a particle following a verb and summarize the structures that use zhe and their syntax. Next, we summarize the grammatical meanings of zhe. Finally, we explore strategies for using information-network technology to address the challenges involved in teaching zhe to students as a foreign language. This paper argues that zhe, a particle when following a verb, indicates that an event is complete. It is difficult to teach zhe mainly because of its complex grammatical functions. After classes in Chinese as a foreign language moved online during the COVID-19 pandemic, new information-network technologies were used to assist teaching and learning.


Grammatical meanings, Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Information-network technology