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Relying on the Industrial University and the Deep Integration of Industry and Education, Cultivate Intelligent Manufacturing Application-Rriented Undergraduates

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.017



Corresponding Author



Under the trend of the global manufacturing industry developing towards intelligence, the traditional training mode of mechanical professionals should also be adjusted to adapt to the current development of “intelligent manufacturing” in China. This paper analyzes the current demand for talents in the manufacturing industry and some problems existing in the traditional mechanical talent training mode, puts forward the mode of deep integration of industry and education to cultivate intelligent manufacturing application-oriented undergraduate talents, and expounds how to solve some problems faced by current teaching from the aspects of training mode, practical curriculum reform, teaching staff construction and curriculum ideology, Thus, it can cultivate the professional knowledge, engineering application ability and practical ability of intelligent manufacturing process and related electrical control system in mechanical manufacturing industry, which can meet the needs of local economic and social development and industrial structure adjustment, have good ideological quality, humanities and Social Sciences quality and professional ethics, Technical application-oriented compound talents who can engage in product digital design, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transformation of production line, intelligent management and application of production line system in the field of intelligent manufacturing of mechanical manufacturing industry and other related industrial fields and product design.


The deep integration of industry and education, Reform in education