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Course Construction and Practice of Computational Electromagnetics

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.016


Li LUO, Tingting Tang, Xiuying Gao, Wenjuan Wu, Xiao LIANG

Corresponding Author



Computational electromagnetics is a professional course for graduate students majoring in Electronic Science and technology. It is a method course that combines electromagnetic field theory and numerical calculation methods into engineering practice. It is a follow-up course of electromagnetic field theory course, so that students can understand several common numerical analysis methods in electromagnetic field engineering and understand their application and limitations. The course puts forward higher requirements for students' professional foundation and practical ability. Therefore, in the process of curriculum implementation, an important and continuous concern is how to improve students' mastery and practical ability. The purpose of this project is to modularize the teaching content according to the thematic teaching, start from the basic knowledge, carry out numerical experiments by topics, discuss phenomena and results, prepare the teaching materials of computational electromagnetics and highlight the innovation and application of basic theoretical analysis methods and related technologies. At the same time, relevant software is introduced for algorithm practice to guide students to learn and master how to combine this kind of software with practical engineering problems, and establish a teaching system combining teaching and practice.


Course construction, Computational electromagnetics, Teaching practice